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Jesse's Song Making Guitar Lessons

Below are all of the Song Making Guitar Lessons which you can subscribe to from the Guitar On the Spot subscription page. Click here to subscribe to these song making lessons if you haven't already done so.

These lessons build on what you've already learned on this website.

Lesson #1 - Get The Full Sound Out Of All The Chords

Lesson #2 - Add Variety To Your Songs

Lesson #3 - How to Add Flavor to Your Songs

-Lesson Overviews-

Lesson #1 - Get The Full Sound Out Of All The Chords In Jesse's Easy Chord Chart By Playing Some Of Them As Bar Chords

Just use Jesse's Easy Chord Chart Version II

The Guitar-On-the-Spot.com website and the original version of Jesse's Easy Chord Chart (in your free e-book) have simplified versions of some chords to make them easier for you to play.

You may notice that when you first make up songs in the Key of G, when you play Chord 3, B minor, you only play the three thinnest strings. This is a simplified version of B minor. Jesse's Easy Chord Chart Version II shows you the full bar chord version of B minor and the other previously simplified chords so you can get the FULL sound of the chord.

Simplified Version

B minor simplified version

Full Bar Chord

Click here to go to Lesson #1.

Lesson #2 - Add Variety To Your Songs By Playing Each Chord In More Than One Place

You can add more variety to your songs by playing each chord in different places. Each place will sound slightly different. And this way you can play up and down the guitar neck.

You just use bar chords to play each chord. In this lesson you discover three steps that you can follow to play any Major or minor chord in two different places as bar chords. Then you can just use Jesse's Easy Bar Chord Chart as a reference to look up the chords.

The diagram below shows two different places that you can play the chord B minor.

Lesson #3 - How to Add Flavor to Your Songs Using Seventh Bar Chords

If your bored with Major and minor chords, this lesson shows you how to add more flavor to your songs by using seventh bar chords. Seventh chords have a slightly different sound and are good to mix into your songs.

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