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Guitar On The Spot.com

Guitar Basics

Parts of the Acoustic Guitar

Parts of the Electric Guitar

How to Hold a Guitar

How to Strum a Guitar

How to Play Chords in 3 Steps

You Can Make Up Songs Using Chord Progressions

The Secret

The Secret to Playing Guitar - The Key Concept

Make Up Your Own Songs

Make Up Songs Right Away in Three Steps by Rolling a Die

Song Making Tips

Tips to Create Emotions in Your Songs

Make Up a Song with a Verse and a Chorus

The Secret is in the Numbers

Song Making Tips

Make Up Different Types Of Songs

Make Up a Reggae Song

Make Up a Rock Song

Make Up a Spanish Song

Make Up a Jazz Song

Make Up a Blues Song

Solo On Lead Guitar Immediately

Play Along With Your Favorite Songs

Jam With Other People On Guitar

Jam With Other People On Guitar

More On Making Up Solos and Riffs

All You Need To Know About the Notes on the Guitar

Make Up Solos On Lead Guitar

Make Up a Simple Melody

Make Up Your Own Riffs On Guitar

Tune Your Guitar

How to Tune Your Guitar With Or Without A Guitar Tuner